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+86Design Store

Founded  in November 2009, +86 Design Store  is  the  first  international creative product concept store. +86 represents the international area code of China. We would like to use +86 as the platform to lead the exchange between China and the world in terms of creative product development. Sourcing from the global designs, we are committed to develop, market and promote designers’ products for our clients. From Paris to Milan,  from New York  to Beijing,  from Tokyo  to Bangkok, our products are  from over 50  international creativity brands, ranges from art works to designs, containing dinnerware, lighting, stationery, accessory, gifts, and other  thousands of  items. We sincerely hope  to offer you opportunities experiencing freely  the forefront of design, and to inspire you to have a creative and high-quality lifestyle.

  •, the online design shop, select 16 series design product with a high discount, draws a  fashionable sky with creative products, perfectly integrates avant-garde and aesthetic nature, lights a fire and lets the spark spread your whole life.


  • +86 Design Museum

    +86 is the code of china, which represents china. We keep the principle of “good design changes life”, inspire you to have a creative and high-quality lifestyle.
  • +86 Design Exhibition

    +86 will non-periodically hold exhibitions of designers' works in china. Both domestic and foreign outstanding designs will be gathered in these exhibitions, which will connect the different design  thinking. 

  • +86 Design Book Bar

    In  the +86 Design Book Bar, Bunch of cutting-edge design books and magazines,  including  latest global design  trend, product design,  fashion design, graphic design, art appreciation and other  resource, which will help you design and create effectively. +86 is pleased to share with you  in  the artistic and quiet environment.


  • +86CEO Chi-Wei

    The founder of +86 design store, the founder and executive director of Aestech(Beijing) Design Co., Ltd; well-known industrial designer; product design strategy and design management expert. In Nov 2009, founded +86 design store which has authorized by China Creativity Design Red Star Award Committee. Aims to change people's lives by design. He proposed new product design business model, established +86 brand, brought commercial and branding operation of China's product design industry, promoted the development of Chinese design industry.

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